Smart WiFi Plug, WiFi Socket

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Control your home – from your phone! Left the lights on? No worries. With the Smart Wi-Fi Plug, you no longer have to return home to turn things off. Using the Kasa App (Compatible with Android & iOS) control your usage and timing for lights, TVs, routers, rice cookers, lamps, air conditioners, etc.

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Product Features:

Control From A Distance

Plug your devices/appliances into the Wi-Fi plug to automatically switch them on/off at pre-established times. Using the Kasa app (Compatible with Android & iOS) control usage and timing with lights, TVs, routers, rice cookers, lamps, air conditioners, etc.

Voice Activation/Console Friendly

The versatile Wifi Plug works with Google Assistant, Microsoft Cortana and of course Amazon Alexa for a hands-free experience.

Safety & Safeguarding

Ability to program the lights to turn on randomly when you are not home. When “Away Mode” is enabled, the smart plug will turn all the designated lights on and off at various intervals to give the impression you are home. On vacation and worried about the house? Do not fret!

Reduce Your Electricity Bill

Controlling your devices remotely allows for the simple switch from on to off at your convenience and memory recall. There is nothing worse than leaving lights on when you leave the house! Save $ on your electricity bill by never leaving a light or appliance on longer than it needs to be.

Product Warranty & Guarantee

The Wi-Fi plug is designed to enhance life and make it easier. With that said, we honour a 1-year warranty that exists to ensure your experience is a pleasurable one. Please contact us should you have any questions or concerns.

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